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One of a Kind

One of a Kind Jewelry and Home decor pieces.

These jewelry pieces were designed for international competitions, or for private collections. They are works of art in the truest sense, making great gift ideas for weddings or other once-in-a-lifetime occasions.

Wire wrapped bracelet with citrine "Silver Lace with Citrine"Bracelet
B0005LG 1 / $460.00
Enameled wire crocheted Necklace “July Rhythm”
N0006LG / $230.00
Handmade silver with natural pearl Pendant "From the depth"
P0010LG /
Silver "Theatre Handbag"
M0000LG /
Silver bracelet with gold strips and pearls "The Sea"
B0004RG / $670.00
Silver Oxidized Bracelet with Black and Lavender pearls "Moonlight drop"
B0007LG 2 / $740.00
Silver wire crocheted and knitted Broche “Magic Flower”
BR0001LG /
Silver wire crocheted Necklace "January Rhythm"
N0007LG / $230.00
Wire wrapped Necklace with citrine “Silver Lace with Citrine”
N0003LG / $750.00
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